Mersin lies between latitudes 36° and 37° N, and longitudes 33° and 35° E. Mersin covers an area of 15.853 square kilometers. Mersin’s land border is 608 km and sea border is 321 km. Its area comprises of % 87 mountain side and % 54 forested area.

According to Address-Based Population Registration System 2014, the population of Mersin is 1.727.255. Mersin is located in the east of Adana, in the south of Mediterranean, in the north of Niğde, Konya and Karaman.

The most important streams of Mersin are Göksu and Berdan small stream quite high, rugged and rocky Western and Central Taurus Mountains consists the big part of Mersin.

Mersin lies among the East Mediterranean towards South West by covering the uplands which can reach up to Northern Taurus Mountains.

The most of the lowlands in and around Mersin diagenesis carried by streams. These lowlands are very fertile in terms of agriculture and they lies parallel to mountains as a line.

Bolkar Mountains are part of Taurus Mountains which are located in Mersin borders. The Medetsiz Hill is the highest part of Bolkars with the height of 3524 meters. Mersin is connected with Central Anatolia from northeast by Gulek Pass (1050 m) and from northwest by Sertavul Pass (1610 m) Mersin’s plant cover is Maquis which is specific to the regions, dominated by the Mediterranean climate.

Mersin is an important city in terms of Tourism with it is 13 districts as follows: Akdeniz, Anamur, Aydıncık, Bozyazı, Çamlıyayla, Gülnar, Erdemli, Mezitli, Mut, Silifke, Tarsus, Toroslar and Yenişehir.


Akdeniz 276.058 139.419 136.639
Anamur 63.983 32.328 31.655
Aydıncık 11.241 5.692 5.549
Bozyazı 26.813 13.467 13.346
Çamlıyayla 8.650 4.390 4.260
Erdemli 132.938 66.578 66.360
Gülnar 26.029 12.946 13.083
Mezitli 164.429 80.825 83.604
Mut 62.354 31.097 31.257
Silifke 116.180 58.288 57.892
Tarsus 323.961 161.392 162.569
Toroslar 281.130 141.013 140.117
Yenişehir 233.489 112.871 120.618
Total 1.727.255 860.306 866.949