42 km race starts from the Forum Shopping Center. The course head towards Tulumba Bridge direction, continues along the Adnan Menderes Boulevard by following right turn at the Hilton intersection.
Runners turn to Viransehir from Babil Intersection, continue toward Soli Pompei polis columns by turning left from Miş Miş Snack Store and passing in front of Jasmin Court Hotel.The course continues at the opposite street of Sahil Restaurant, reaches to Adnan Menderes Boulevard via Cengiz Topel Street and goes along the coastline to reach Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Bridge.
The course head towards to Free Zone make u turn from the first circular junction before entering highway, continue towards International Merin Port via Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Bridge. The course, that reached to train station, turns from roundabout and pass through Old Courthouse towards İsmet İnönü Boulevard.
The course head towards to former intersection of Güleryüz via Hilton intersection, continues along Democracy junction, head towards former intersection of Güleryüz by making u turn from Mersin Security Directorate site.
The course reaches to its final point at Forum Shopping Centre. Race Day and Time: Marathon will take place on Sunday 16 December 2018, starting at 09.00.

Age Requirement: Participant should not be any younger than the age of 16, by 16 December 2018.

Date of Registration: Registrations can be made via our website until 13 December 2018. The registration deadline will be subject to change in event of reaching to full quota.

Fee of Registration and Race Package:The registration fee is 50 Turkish Liras for the runners who registered in October and November and it will be 60 Turkish Liras for those who will register on expo days (14-15 December).

Approval of Registration: Following the registration form and pre-registration has been completed, the participant must go to the payment page and complete the payment process. Once the payment has been made, please go to the registration inquiry page and confirm your chest number and registration status.

Race Rules: The International Mersin Marathon will take place within the framework of IAAF rules.

Race and Course Map (race route) Control: It will be realized by the Turkish Athletics Federation.

Team Classification: Each club represents by 1 team, consisting 5 people. Team ranking is calculated by summing the best 3 ranking out of 5 athletes. Team lists must be submitted to the chip team at Marathon Expo.

Water and Sponge Stations:Starting from the 5th kilometer of the race route, there will be a water and sponge station every 5 km along the course. Water, cube sugar, lemon and special drinks delivered by the athletes in Marathon Expo will be provided at the stations

Note: More water stations will be provided if it is deemed necessary at the technical meeting.

Personal Belongings: Athletes can bring their personal belongings to the safekeeping bus which will be located 50 meters away from the starting point of the marathon. Participants are advised not to bring their money, watches and other valuables. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any lost valuables. The Organizing Committee considers all participants to have read and accepted the statement on the registration form.

Services and Awards to be offered to the participants: : Each participant will receive a medal, t-shirt, bag and a hat. Top ranked Athletes will receive a trophy and Money prize.

• Pasta Party
• Water Stations on the course
• Health Services along and at the end of the course
• Classification with single use chips.
• Fruit and beverage at the end of the finish point.

Note: Medals, bags, t-shirts, hats, etc. will be given to the participants who complete the competition within the specified time interval. Only chip and chest numbers will be distributed before the competition.

Start Up Order: The runners will take their place at the starting point with their chest numbers 15 minutes before the start of each run.

Chest Number: The chest number will be given at the expo area. The chest number must be carried on the front of the running knit without modification and well visible and cannot be given to any other person. Changing the official competitor number, twisting the advertising print, making it invisible or unrecognizable is the reason for disqualification.

Chest Number Control: Turkish Athletics Federation will record a video, measure rankings and prepare lists along the route and at the end.

Running Route: The marathon route has been measured and accepted according to the IAAF rules (Jones Counter).

Course Control: It will be controlled by the Turkish Athletics Federation.

Changing Room: Clothe changing room will be provided at the start point.

Time Limit: The time limit for runners is 5 hours. After this, the entire course is opened to traffic, however, the runners can continue their run on the pavement to complete the track.

Pasta Party: It will be held in Marathon Expo Area.

Liability and Insurance: : Liability for participation in the competition belongs to the participant. The Organizing Committee is exempt from any liability. This includes accidents, stolen clothes or other equipment. Upon receipt of the entry documents, all participants acknowledge that they and their teammates have no health problem for their participation in the run.

Result Lists:It will be published on our website on the specified date.

Health Services: Ambulances and health personnel will work to intervene immediately in cases requiring first aid throughout the course. A health tent will be found at the start of the track so that emergency situations can be intervened.

Toilets: Portable toilets for men and women will be available at Start and Finish points


After completing the registration form and the payment there cannot be any change to 15 km or 5 km runs, therefore a runner must be very careful while make his/her choice. Registration cannot be cancelled for any reason.

All information regarding the organization can be changed (eg route, date, expo area, etc.). Please revisit our site for changes.